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Been Labelled with Something?

One of my favourite sayings at the moment is, “a diagnosis does not determine your future”.

I follow blogs, Facebook and online groups and I read about people struggling to accept a new diagnosis and what future could look like. It can be extremely overwhelming for all parties to come to terms with a child’s diagnosis and like so many families, we have experienced the challenges.

When a parent has asked me for a referral or recommendation to a paediatrician for a diagnosis for their child, I have gently asked them, “What will having a diagnosis mean for you and your family?” For many families a diagnosis comes as a relief.  Parents have described feeling like they can move forward with more of an idea of what they can do to help their child, while others have stated they need a diagnosis for school support or other funding purposes. Other families have said they really weren’t sure what a diagnosis would mean for them and their family. I have been so fortunate to work with a wonderful paediatrician who provides ongoing support to the family once a diagnosis is made.

Not many people know that I was diagnosed in Grade 2 of primary school with dyslexia, and I didn’t find out until university when I found the diagnostic report in a box of childhood keepsakes. When I found out, there was a sense of “ohhhh, that explains it…. ”

I have been enjoying some of the wonderful articles showing the outstanding achievements of individuals who have been achieving their goals in life, and here are a few for your enjoyment. Remember: don’t allow that label to change your expectations for this child’s future! 

Sydney girl with Down syndrome has her art currently displayed in a gallery in London and it is soon to be displayed in a gallery in New York City.

Young Brisbane model with Down syndrome has ongoing contracts and will walk in New York Fashion Week.

Modelling success story, Madeline Stuart

Young Perth girl with cerebral palsy wins modeling contract

Raun Kauffman, who was non-verbal, and severely autistic who has grown up to become a CEO, Company director, lecturer and author.

Truly insightful articles by Dr Temple Grandin, diagnosed with Autism

Sir Richard Branson, labelled lazy and stupid, diagnosed with dyslexia, extremely successful in business.

More business success stories

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