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Play Groups – Lithgow

We spent a lovely time this morning with the Galloping Gumnut Playgroup in Lithgow and these supported playgroups are a wonderful way for children to develop their play skills in a social group! Thank you to Galloping Gumnut for permission to share their playgroup information

Quick update: I just received this update from LINC:

LINC Community and Kids, we noticed your post regarding local Playgroups, the information on the LINC run groups is out of date, we no longer run Parenting young or the Wallerawang group.

Our schedule is, Monday 9.30am Portland central school Tuesday, 10am to 11.30am we run an Early Learners group at Cooerwull Primary hall, this group is for children with Speech and or OT needs, in partnership with the Speech Therapists and OT from Lithgow Hospital. Wednesday Supported Playgroup at Fatima Hall Bowefells 10am to 12pm. Thursday Supported Playgroup at Cooerwull Primary Hall 9.30 to 11.30 am. All our groups are free to attend. Families are asked to bring a piece of fruit for morning tea. Thanks so much for your support.IMG_20160801_0002