Developmental Milestones diagram

Developmental Milestones

It’s challenging to set goals. Having a clear idea of where your child is up to will also be helpful when discussing their progress and your goals with your child’s therapist and teachers.

When you know where your child or student is at then you can look at what the next step might be. Here are some links to developmental milestones that you can use as a guide. My favourite guide is at the bottom with a link to download.

If a student can complete the skills at one stage then you know they can move towards achieving the next stage. A common error in goal setting is setting goals for the student to complete the same tasks that other students in their class are already doing.

If the foundation skills are not in place the child will face constant struggles and frustration which can lead to attention issues, challenging behaviour and ultimately could result in a loss of motivation for learning. Build the foundation first. Remember all milestones are generalized so actual ability in each area will vary from child to child.

For a general guide to milestones from 1 month to 5 years including:

Movement milestones

Milestones in hand and finger skills

Language milestones

Cognitive milestones

Social and emotional milestones

Developmental health watch

Check this website for a complete guide.

The most useful guide to developmental milestones that I have found is the Development Matters in the
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This is what the school curriculum in British Schools is developed around and one wonderful aspect are the helpful tips provided on how adults can interact with the child and how to adapt the environment to help develop the child’s skills at each level of development.


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