motivation and children

Focus on Motivation

Find what is motivating for your student and incorporate this into the activities. If your student is motivated you will find they are able to maintain their attention for longer, will remember more of what you are teaching and will be better able to generalize these skills to other activities because they will have more engagement in the materials.

Check out these women from the Autism Treatment Centre of America demonstrating how you can help a child learn.


Note how they use animated facial expressions, are at the child’s level when communicating, make learning fun by being enthusiastic, use anticipation by having the cards face down, get physically interactive by jumping up to choose a card.


Remember the cards can be actions, facial expressions / emotions, sight words, spelling words, story starters, story lines to put in order, mathematical equations whatever the student needs to learn – your imagination is the only limit. For older students or if you need to do the work at a desk you may need to use smaller cards.

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