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Occupational therapy seeks to empower people. Occupational therapists help people maintain their connection to their families and communities and help them fulfill their roles in life. Activities are used purposefully to assist people in their everyday lives. Our focus is on evidence based practice.

OT World provides occupational therapy in home, preschool, childcare centres and schools in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains Area. Telehealth services are available. Click here to learn more about telehealth.


Our Mission:

To empower children and their families. To enable their active participation within their community. To develop each child’s individual strengths and support the child to achieve their individual goals. We honor each family and seek to support the development of their individual potential.


Our Services:

Visual perception – How the child interprets what they see

Gross motor skills – Including postural control, ball skills, balance, coordination

Fine motor skills – Including pre-writing, cutting, manipulation of small objects

Handwriting – Including special consideration assessments and reports for school examinations.

Concentration and attention

Memory – Visual, auditory and sequential

School readiness

Self care skills

Executive Functioning – Including organisation and sequencing

Study skills

Equipment prescription for Assistive Technology.


Referrals can be made by parents’ carers, teachers or other health care professionals. A doctor’s referral is not necessary.

Occupational Therapist

Jennifer Logan has been working with children as an Occupational Therapist since 2005. She has a Masters of Occupational Therapy and a Bachelor of Science (Psychology).


Appointments can be made by phoning 02 8005 7115 or emailing contact@otworld.com.au


Based in Western Sydney we offer services througout Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains area

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