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This book is packed with travel tips for families who have children with sensory processing challenges. From shopping trips, staying in a hotel and even long haul flights. Get ideas about building your sensory tool kit and find ways you can help your child cope with the sensory challenges that they face as they navigate this sensory world.

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Upcoming Events

FeburarY 1, 2020

Mozambique - Handwriting Supports

This online workshop series will assist you to learn how you can build your child’s fine motor skills. Learn how to help your child improve their letter formation, fluency and writing speed. This session will be translated into PORTUGESE.

Feburary 10, 2020

Mozambique - Managing Difficult Behaviours

This online workshop series will help you teach your child how to self regulate. Learn how to identify behavioural triggers, develop a behaviour plan to assist your child, implement supports and strategies to help reduce their overwhelm. This session will be translated into PORTUGESE

Feburary 15, 2020

Building Your Sensory Tool Kit

This 1 hr online workshop will help you identify sensory tools your child can use in everyday life to help them manage their sensory needs in our ever changing sensory environments. This session will be in English

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