Occupational Therapy Services and Resources

Our Services

Occupational Therapy services, workshops and resources based on evidence based best practices.


We provide therapy services both in person and online. Our online therapy services include rural and remote, international therapy services, mentoring and teacher’s aid coaching.


Our approach is strength based, and helps you develop individual supports to assist your child or student in their current environment using the resources you can access.


Downloadable books, printables and videos are available. Our teacher’s aid course and mentoring is designed for aids working in countries with limited support.

Telehealth Services

You can access qualified therapists from anywhere in the world and from the convenience of your home. This method of accessing therapy has become increasingly common and more research regarding it’s effectiveness has now become available. Find out more about how telehealth services work with our downloadable PDF and links to recent research on the effectiveness of telehealth services. Therapy, clinician supervision, and coaching can be effectively provided online.

Online Workshops

We are offering online workshops on a range of topics: School readiness, challenging behaviour, building your sensory tool kit. Our approach both in therapy and in our training workshops is focused on a strengths based approach. We encourage children, families, schools and communities to empower each other in their environments using the resources available to them. We strongly encourage effective inclusion and individualised approaches to therapy and support provision.


Help your child self regulate with our “Walk With me” books, Get ready for a fun day out with our “SenseAble Travel” book, download our free resources and learn about school readiness, goals setting, and what is occupational therapy.

In our Teacher’s aids mentoring program aids working in countries that do not have formalised education programs can learn how to support students in the classroom from helping them develop their handwriting grip, build their attention skills, learn how to self regulate, improve their posture and help them to achieve their potential.


Let’s Work Together

Let’s empower our children to achieve their potential.