Do you find outings with your children stressful or exhausting? Do you feel stressed just at the thought of having to take your children to the shops or dread taking them onto an airplane?


If your child finds new environments distressing, if they do not cope with change, find textures and noises over stimulating or seek extra inputs and you find this interferes with your ability to take outings from day trips to overseas flights. This book has great ideas to help your child cope with the sensory aspects of going to new environments.

This book is packed with travel tips for families who have children with sensory processing challenges. From shopping trips, staying in a hotel and even long haul flights. Get ideas about building your sensory tool kit and find ways you can help your child cope with the sensory challenges that they face as they navigate this sensory world.

Walk With Me – A story to support self regulation

If you have children who are very active, you want to encourage imaginative play, you want to help your child build their coordination and strength the “Walk With Me” book will be fun to read along with your child. I am an occupational therapist and I have written this children’s book that helps them to self regulate. Featuring Australian animals the story encourages active participation in the story as the child jumps, hops and waddles along with the animals. The exercises are in a sequence to help children be in a calm relaxed state, great to complete after school before doing homework!

The book is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Arabic and French A digital download that can be printed at home or accessed from any smart phone / tablet or computer. A printed version is available from Amazon

This beautifully illustrated children’s book is designed to engage your child in movements that have been carefully selected for children to help regulate their sensory system, reduce stress, build up their strength and coordination. Read this book with your child and get active with them.