Mozambique – Managing Difficult Behaviours


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This online workshop series will assist you to learn how you can build your child’s self-regulation skills There will be 4 sessions in total.

Difficulty with self-regulation can have a significant impact on a child’s ability to maintain their attention in the classroom. It can cause a child to have difficulty managing their behavior.

During the workshop, we will discuss how to identify possible causes for a child’s difficult behaviors, how to track specific behaviours of concern and treatment options and environmental changes that are helpful for both the family, the school and the child to learn to manage difficult behaviours.

There are many causes for difficult behaviours, trauma, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, communication difficulties are common contributors to difficult behaviours. These sessions will help equip families and schools to raise children with behavioural challenges.

This session will be translated into PORTUGESE. These sessions will be recorded. The online workshop will be available for purchase in 2020.