SenseAble Travel; Travel Tips for Families Living With Sensory Processing Disorder. 2nd Edition – Digital Version




This is the digital download of the SenseAble Travel Book. You will be able to read this on a smartphone, tablet or computer. You have 7 days to download the file. Please download the file immediately after purchase.

This book is packed with practical, do-able travel tips for families who have a child with sensory processing disorder, autism, developmental delay or challenging behaviours. These are tips that will help if you are traveling to your dream destination, traveling for medical purposes, going for a road trip for the weekend, going to the beach for a day trip or even just visiting relatives for the holiday season. Tips for handling crowds, airport security, hotel minibars, theme parks, camping, minimizing escapism while traveling and more!


Introduction – Why Travel?

Chapter 1: Tips on how to Prepare for a Trip

Chapter 2: What should I Pack?

Chapter 3: How can I Help Prepare my Child for the Trip?

Chapter 4: Child Safety Tips

Chapter 5: My Child has Unexpected Tantrums

Chapter 6: What if Security Staff or Police Become Involved?

Chapter 7: Preparing for Air Travel – The Airport

Chapter 8: Preparing for the Flight

Chapter 9: Preparing for International Travel

Chapter 10: How can I Juggle Everything?

Chapter 11: Tips for Jet Lag

Chapter 12: Do I Need to Immunise my Child Before I go?

Chapter 13: General Safety Considerations for International Travel

Chapter 14: Tips for Car Travel

Chapter 15: Preparing for Going on a Boat

Chapter 16: What can I do if my Plans Fall Apart?

Chapter 17: What can I do if People React to my Child?

Chapter 18: How can I Create a Story Book for my Child?

Chapter 19: How can I Prepare my Child for a Challenging Sensory Experience?

Chapter 20: How can I Support my Child’s Sensory System During a Challenging Sensory Experience?

Chapter 21: How can I Help my Child Recover from a Meltdown?

Chapter 22: What are Some Signs of Sensory Overload?

Chapter 23: What can Contribute to Sensory Overload?

Chapter 24: Tips for Reducing Sensory Overload

Chapter 25: How can I Reduce my Stress Levels?

Chapter 26: Questions to ask when Booking Accommodation

Chapter 27: Eating at a Restaurant

Chapter 28: How can I Maintain my Child’s Special Diet on the Trip?

Chapter 30: Tips for Travelling to the Beach

Chapter 31: Visiting Relatives

Chapter 32: Tips for Camping

Chapter 33: Theme Parks

Chapter 34: Shopping Trip Tips

Chapter 35: Building Your Sensory Toolkit

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